• We work 24/7 without holidays
  • The Photo studio can be booked in advance by phone +7 (499) 340-40-51 or +7 (495) 223-10-72, by e-mail or via online-booking form in schedule on the website.
  • The administration reserves the right not to let in intoxicated persons to the Studio.
  • The maximum number of people in a hall is 10. For more than 10 people – 20% surcharge to the rent cost. For more than 20 people – 40% surcharge to the rent cost. (For video filming it is specified separately)

Booking time

  • The beginning of the booking is considered to be the declared time, which you have booked, but not an actual time of shootings’ start.
  • The end of the booking is the time, when the client leaves the Studio.
  • If Studio is available after your booking you can extend the shooting time by paying a rent according to the amount of elapsed time in the Studio.
  • In case of early shooting completion, the reserved time must be paid in full.
  • If the Studio is reserved by the next client, you are obliged to leave the Studio before the leased time is out.
  • The rented premise must be put in order upon shooting completion. The entire requisite is to be returned to administrator. All rubbish, appeared during shootings (shooting with the use of fluff, snow, hay, confetti etc.) must be removed before the end of the shooting pavilion lease time.
  • Do not forget things that you used for shootings, in order not to create nuisances to colleagues. Please, begin to collect your belongings in advance.

Deposit and payment

  • We work on terms of a 50% deposit.
  • For reservations for the next 2 days you will need to immediately make an deposit / payment.
  • Deposit can be done via the online booking system or you can bring it directly to the photo studio.
  • If you cancel booking in more then 48 hours before date of booking you can take full deposit / payment or it can be used for your next booking.
  • If deposit has not been paid your booking will be automatically canceled by our system and you will get notification by email.
  • You can ask all question about deposit or payment by calling us 8-499-340-40-51
  • Our booking system working through Yandex Kassa. We accept all Bank cards, Online payments and etc.

Booking cancelation

  • If you cancel the rent in more than 72 hours (for booking for more than 5 hours – it is 120 hours) prior to the booked time – you should pay nothing.
  • If you cancel the booking, defer booking, cut the lease time in less than 72 hours (for booking for more than 5 hours – it is 120 hours) – the Studio reserves the right to retain 100% of advanced payment.
  • To process cancelation use booking system or write us on or call us.

Equipment and interiors

  • The tenant carries out preparation of backgrounds and accessories’ change by himself.
  • Administrator is always ready to assist you in case of need.
  • For damage and breakage of Studio equipment and accessories, the tenant is absolutely responsible materially and shall pay for losses in amount and to the extent, as agreed with administration of the Studio.
  • All equipment should to be checked by administrator in a mandatory manner after shootings’ completion.
  • Full equipment list available here

You agree with the rent rules by renting the Studio